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It can be used at your own risk in all from only 3 locations.
It exists on other Web site For data of the same name,
It is to redistribute without permission
There is not any relation with us.
Please use at your own risk.
Commercial use prohibition.

◇◆◇ Ochiai FSX Collections 2007-2011 ◇◆◇

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FlightSim.Comで紹介されたFSX専用シーナリーです。◇ Shigeさん FUJINAGAさん制作 福井木下さん制作3D

FS2004 Ochiai Japan Scenery - Mt. Zaou Miyagi
near Sendai airport (RJSS)
Name: miyagi_zaou_fs9.zip Size: 7,426,617 Date: 03-24-2011
FSX Mt.Bandai Japan Real Scenery
Urabandai Area Fukusima
Name: mtbandai_fsx.zip Size: 242,584,752 Date: 03-23-2011
FSX Mt.Fuji High Japan Real
SceneryResolution 2.4m/pix Two seasons
Name: mtfuji_fsx.zip Size: 1,302,644,072 Date: 03-22-2011
FSX Matusima Real Scenery
Sendai city Miyagi
Name: tsunami-x.zip Size: 232,783,584 Date: 03-21-2011
FS2004 Matusima
Real Scenery
Name: tsunami-fs9.zip Size: 27,059,147 Date: 03-21-2011
FSX RJOE Ise Shima Real Scenery Part 2
Name: ochi_rjoe2.zip Size Size: 423,232,585 Date: 12-20-2009
FSX Kisogawa Glider Port Japan Real Scenery
Name: ochi_kiso3.zip Size: 157,466,503 Date: 12-19-2009
FSX&FS2004 Kiso Real Scenery
Name: ochikiso.zip Size: 435,144,486 Date: 11-20-2008
FSX Misaka Real Scenery
Name: misaka.zip Size: 53,039,013 Date: 08-25-2008
FSX OSAKA YAO Real Scenery
Name: ochirjoy.zip Size: 128,788,297 Date: 10-22-2007
FSX Ryujin Spa Real Scenery
Name: ochirjbd.zip Size: 365,931,072 Date: 10-22-2007
FSX Nishiki Bay Real Scenery
Name: ochi_nishiki.zip Size: 46,313,110 Date: 10-22-2007
FSX RJNA Nagoya Real Scenery
Name: ochirjna.zip Size: 380,104,425 Date: 10-12-2007
FSX RJOE Ise Shima Real Scenery
Name: ochirjoe.zip Size: 380,104,425 Date: 10-12-2007
FSX RORS Shimojishima Real Scenery
Name: ochirors.zip Size: 105,102,388 Date: 09-13-2007
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