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 Pottery (father)

Chinaware making by traditional <TEHINERI : Push&twist by finger> technique is made elated.Therefore, there is no same thing as two.
Those make stopped being almost especially in a teapot now.
Tea-pot is easy to use a figure with last thing, and have a taste for green tea.
It is produced by its own gas and electric kiln.
Exhibition and sale are carried out at our shop.

 How to make?
   Tea-pot  Cup

Mountain wild grass  (wife)

It is pleasant to ask for new mountain wild grass etc., to take a seed, or to carry out - slip and herbaceous cutting, and to increase.
While enjoying oneself by carrying out seedling cultivating and decorated, the kind also increased.
  Flowers photo 
    Any kinds.

   Mountain hydrangea

Seedling,    cultivating.

  Knife making
  HAM radio
Constructs & crafting.

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